Theatrical Licensing

Theatrical Licensing

So, you’re ready to produce your own musical. We give you the tools you need to put on a show.

To get started, browse all the musicals and choose your first one.

You can then contact us and we'll send you more information, as well as answer any questions you may have.

What's Included

Your Show Kit will soon arrive in the mail, including:

  • Librettos (Actor’s Scripts)

  • Vocal Scores (with piano chords)

  • Performance Accompaniment CD

  • Demo Songs CD

  • Director’s Guide

In addition to your Show Kit, each musical includes the rights to hold public performances for one year.


Standard Pricing

Anyone can purchase a theatrical license for 10% of box office revenues.

  • $100 Show Kit – Covers $1,000 in box office revenues

    • 10 Librettos

    • 10 Vocal Scores

  • $250 Show Kit – Covers $2,500 in box office revenues

    • 30 Librettos

    • 30 Vocal Scores

In order to collect more box office revenues than what was included in your Show Kit, you must purchase an additional theatrical license at the cost of 10% of box office revenues.

Public School Pricing

Public schools can apply for a grant to get any Show Kit free of charge every semester. Grant recipients can collect unlimited box office revenues without purchasing an additional theatrical license.

Get Started

You can contact us to get started.